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Battles for the Saddles!!!

The first show of the Fall Series, September National 9th-12th & the beginning of the fall Battles for the CWD Saddles is almost here! The show is growing, come join us! Looking forward to seeing:

Molly Dinapoli

Marquee Cincotta

Lauren Schweppe

Grant Pennington

Savannah Unger

Debbie Stephens

Claire Kellner

Frederic Chateau

Shannon Searcy

Karl Beyer

Samuel Parot

Jenna Friedman

Ezequiel & Wendy Peralta

Mailyn Beckman

Candace King

Flying Sheep Farm

Justine Dutton

Helen Goddard

Alaina Brooks

James Gentleman

Heather Dayner

Jenni McAllister

Caitlyn Maloney

Erin Clayton

Jenny Kearney

Allen Nabors

Luis Larrazabal

Kristen Franz

Call or text Kim or Jennifer at 941-809-6365 or 803-295-2759 with your stall counts, or enter now online at!


- $24,999 Regional Standard Grand Prix

- Huntfield Rider Challenges with Trainer bonuses, One K Helmets, and Veredus Olympus Boots

- Much more!

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