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Exhibitors, Families of Exhibitors, and Local Horse Enthusiasts frequently ask about how they can become involved with the horse shows.  Fox Lea Farm has many different type of volunteer positions available during the shows.  We ask that volunteers be at least 16 years of age or have written consent from their parents.  Volunteers under the age of 16 are welcome if attending under an organization or charity group with a designated adult leader.  All volunteers must fill out a liability release form in the show office before starting to volunteer.  Volunteers may help for an hour or all day.  None of the volunteer positions involve any hands-on experiences with the horses.  Below are some positions that may be of interest to you.   

- Help with fundraiser activities, i.e., silent auctions, cake walks, etc.

- Help with hospitality parties or events

- Help with filing in the show office. 

- Help with youth activities at some of the shows.  

- Help with distributing awards and ribbons.

- Help with running judges cards to the show office.

- If you qualify by being familiar with horse shows and with the USEF rules, you may be able to volunteer to be a dressage schooling area supervisor. 


Please e-mail us at if you would like to volunteer or have an idea of a volunteer position that may be beneficial. Please place in the subject line "Volunteer". 

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