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Venice Equestrian Tour... it keeps getting better! Please read below, we will keep updating you!


The $9,999 VET Huntfield Challenge presented by Marshall & Sterling Insurance is produced in the main Pavilion Ring in the afternoon of Saturday, February 12th! The next $9,999 VET Huntfield Challenge presented by the EMO Agency is Saturday, March 12th! Choose your height: 3',3'3, or 3'6...special awards to top Amateur and Junior for everyone!

Call or text for stalls! Jennifer 803-295-2759

Every week is a $5,000 Huntfeild Hunter Challenge & Weeks 4 & 8 are $9,999. Come join us!


Attention Grand Prix Riders - We have 2 very important upcoming Memorial Grand Prixs during the VET 2022 Circuit. We hope you will save the dates and be able to join us. March 4th $24,999 Grand Prix will be dedicated to remembering Pauline D. Russell & the March 11th $30,000 Grand Prix will be dedicated to remembering William Byron Israel. Please call or text Jennifer if you would like to enter this event or have any questions, 803-295-2759

Hope you can join us for the upcoming dates... Reminder VET 4 (February 11th) & VET 8 (March 11th) Grand Prixs are $30,000 prize money. All Grand Prixs during 2022 VET Circuit are Regional Standard.

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